Friday, April 24, 2009

Teacher Contact

To establish contact with another teacher, I used Twitter. I sent a direct message to Mrs. Michelle Tegrootenhius on Twitter asking her to assist me with this specific project. Mrs. TG is a 5th grade teacher at Hospers Elementary in Iowa. She replied with her email address and a link to her website ( The website has a link to her class blog through Classroom 2.0. Her students also have a blog through I asked Mrs. TG what types of technology she uses in her classroom, and what suggestions she has for me as a future teacher. She informed me that her students have blog assignment that they complete in class using 20 laptops. She reads and approves the material before the students can post it to their blog. The students enjoy showing their family the blogs. Mrs. TG also said she absolutely loves the SMART Board. It eliminates writing on the board, and allows you to move around the classroom. Mrs. TG uses her iPod frequently to provide the students with fun and calming music throughout the day. I enjoyed my conversations with Mrs. TG and found her advise to be useful to me.

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