Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sir Ken Robinson

The first video we watched by Sir Ken Robinson was about finding "your element". He made several important point during this video. His main points were 1. Personal Fulfillment, 2. Health of Communities, and 3. Economic Argument. He stated that when you are in "your element", you are doing something you are comfortable with and you love. Simply being good at something is not a good enough reason for doing it. He said that life revolves around opportunities that meet us, and this is why some people do not know what their talent is. I agree with him on the fact that we should base education on diversity rather than conformity. Education should be more about personal growth and culture. On the second video, he discussed human creativity. He pointed out that all kids have a talent, and they are not frightened by failure. The Hierarchy of Education puts more emphasis on math and language than the arts. I agree that America has an epidemic of ADHD, in which most kids are wrongly diagnosed. I feel it is important to include the arts in all subjects, because if we don't, the students that are strong in the arts will not feel they are successful. Sir Ken Robinson was very informative and humorous.

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