Friday, April 17, 2009

The Stanford Challenge

Carol Dweck, from the University of Stanford, is the author of the book "Mindset: The New Philosophy of Success". Dweck developed at workshop consisting of two groups, "Growth vs. "Fixed" minds. One group received study skills and growth mindset skills, while the other group only received study skills. The first group had significant improvement in grades, while the second group received lower grades. Dweck points out that people who believe in "growth" never quit learning. These are the same people that believe the brain is a muscle that grows with frequent use.

As a teacher, I will strive to stretch my students thinking capacity to new depths. I believe in life-long learning. The brain has never stopped developing, and there is always new information to learn, no matter how old a person is. Encouraging the students to have a growth mindset is important for success. I enjoyed watching the video, and it confirmed what I already believed about learning.

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