Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPod use in Schools

During my research, I found a site, http://cit.duke.edu/pdf/reports/ipods_initiative_04_05.pdf, about Duke University. According to the site, in 2004, Duke University handed out free iPods to incoming freshmen students. The purpose was to incorporate more technology into instruction. It was a success. The students and teachers loved it. Teachers altered their lesson plans for the use of iPods. Many teachers would have their students do podcasts instead of research papers. This made it more interesting for the students, and they did not dread the assignment.

I also found httl://learninginhand/ipod/indeex.html which is a very useful site for people that are unfamiliar with iPods. The site allows you to either choose iPod Touch or iPod with click wheels, and it is divided into different sections. Each section tells what it can be used for and how to use it. I could definitely use an iPod just to have a dictionary on hand at all times.

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